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Double Kick Heroes

Devil Street
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Headbang.club was created for after Ludum Dare #34 in December 2015. Gyhyom, Blackmagic and Elmobo, three game developer pals, decided to make a crazy explosive rhythm game with a Tarantino and Rodriguez mood. They published Double Kick Heroes and after many praises from players, they decided to make it a bigger game.


The dark path of Elmobo

Elmobo scored many video games since the end of the 80’s. He worked on games like Nightmare Creatures 1 and 2 (PSX, N64, Dreamcast), Fury of the Furries (Amiga) and Bakugan: Rise of the Resistance (Nintendo DS). He is also a renown french metal producer. In his Conkrete Studio, he produced or mixed bands like Gorod, Otargos and French death-metal pioneers Loudblast. From 2002 to 2005, he toured with the legendary Ron "Bumblefoot" Thal (ex Guns N’ Roses) as live bass player. Some people think having Elmobo in the vicinity will boost hair growth.

Blackmagic and the monkeys

From 2006 to 2013, Blackmagic worked at Mad Monkey Studio. They were contractors for big studios like Ubisoft, THQ and Activision. There, Blackmagic worked on popular licensed platforms like DS, PS2, PSP, and Wii working with teams ranging from small to huge. This gave him a solid technical background he still uses to this day. He participated in a dozen retail games. He co-produced and co-developed Alphabounce DSi, a game ordered by Motion-Twin for Nintendo DSi. The game was praised by gamers and by IGN for its mix between brick breaker and RPG.

Gyhyom at Motion Twin

Gyhyom worked as a graphic artist for F2P games from Motion Twin like DinoRPG, Die2nite, Hordes0, Mush and Rockfaller. Many of those games were played by hundreds of thousands of gamers. DinoRPG came out in 2007 and there are still people playing it daily. There, he mastered the graphical side of the force and had to produce assets for various styles.

Tavrox on Lavapools

Tavrox is still working on his first indie game Lavapools as a game developer. He helps indies get their game noticed (such as Machiavillain or Double Kick Heroes). He is also co-founder of several French game communities such as GameDevFr's slack and Toulouse Game Dev.

Gyhyom and Blackmagic at Motion-Twin

In 2013, they worked on Mush, a space multiplayer RPG where players have to find an alien intruder inside a spaceship. The game mixes deception and cooperation with investigation skills. It's a coopetitive game where dilemmas meet betrayals. During this time, Gyhyom and Blackmagic also made some ludum dare games like Little Death Adventure and Final Swap.

Present days

In late 2015, Blackmagic and Gyhyom left Motion-Twin. They wondered what projects they could work on and finally decided to join forces on another Ludum Dare with Elmobo. It was the second time that the three of them took part as a group after Final Swap. After the hangover, it seems Double Kick Heroes amazed a lot of people with its action, mood and awesome Metal soundtrack. Since there is definetely not enough games about Metal and Gundillac in this world. They decide to produce a much bigger Double Kick Heroes for PC. Tavrox joins them as a community and press relationships manager to get the game noticed among gaming and rock/metal communities.



Double Kick Heroes : greenlight trailer  YouTube


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Awards & Recognition

  • "Best Indie Game" - Gamescom 2017
  • "Best Game to Play" - Play Awards 2016
  • "Jury's Choice" - Play Awards 2016
  • "Heart Crush" - Animasia 2016
  • "Gold medal for Music, #10 for graphics, #15 overall" - Ludum Dare #34, December 2015
  • "3rd Best Indie Game" - Stunfest, May 2016
  • "Mush by Bumdum, Ayame, Ani, Gyhyom, Hiko and Blackmagic at Motion Twin." - Originality Award, EIGD, Paris, 2013
  • "DSiWare- Game of The Year - Alphabounce DSi by Bumbum and Blackmagic" - IGN 2010
  • "Gold Medal - Sound - #10 Graphics - #15 Overall " - Ludum Dare #34

Selected Articles

  • "Double Kick Heroes is a stunning shoot-'em-up with a metal rhythm! "
    - PC GAMER ,
  • "Out-rock the apocalypse in Double Kick Heroes!"
    - Rock Paper Shotgun ,
  • "Double Kick Heroes is True, But Not So Grim, Metal! "
  • "Post-apocalyptic rhythm metal'em all!"
  • "I'm happy to report it's one of the most fun DSiWare downloads I've played."
    - Daemon Hatfield Frushtick about Alphabounce, IGN
  • "Mush is John Carpenter's The Thing married to Battlestar Galactica, an interstellar real-time (sort of) game of Werewolf played out with adorable pixel people on a surprising platform"
    - Cassandra Khaw, US Gamer

Elmobo's Bandcamp
37 albums on his Bandcamp, many more produced https://elmobo.bandcamp.com/.

Team & Repeating Collaborator

Muthafucking badass pixel artist

Blows your ass off with Black Metal, bitch

Demon Lord of Code

Helps in PR, communication and death pamphlets

presskit() by Rami Ismail (Vlambeer) - also thanks to these fine folks